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How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 In VirtualBox

Linux Ubuntu Operating System is an open source operating system, on Ubuntu Server there are server services such as Web Server, File Server, SSH Server and other services. On this occasion we will discuss How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 Using Virtualbox.

How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 In VirtualBox

Tutorial on How to Install Ubuntu Server 20.04

About Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system, which is open source and also a Debian project. Ubuntu has 2 interfaces namely, GUI (Graphical User Interface) and CLI or Terminal only.

Ubuntu is an OS that is easy to learn because of its user friendly appearance, besides that it is also often used to make Server, or Cloud Computing.

Minimum Ubuntu Server Specifications

Reporting from several sources the minimum specifications for Ubuntu Server are as follows:

The recommended system requirements are: CPU: 1 gigahertz or better. RAM: 1 gigabyte or more. Disk: a minimum of 2.5 gigabytes.

But here it is recommended to make a minimum: 2GB RAM, 10GB DISK, other than that it is adjusted to the needs of each.

How to Install Ubuntu Server 20.04 in VirtualBox

Before installing Ubuntu Server, we need to create a Virtual Machine in VirtualBox. Friends can read it at the link below:

How to Create an Ubuntu Server Virtual Machine in VirtualBox  

1. Run Ubuntu Server Virtual Machine in VirtualBox

The following are the steps to install Ubuntu Server 20.04 using VirtualBox software. If you have created a virtual machine, the next step is to run our Ubuntu Server, by clicking the start button like this image.

Finish Create Virtual Machine Ubuntu

2. Ubuntu Server 20.04 Installation Process

Please follow the installation process below:

  • At the initial stage of the Ubuntu Server installation process, you are immediately asked about the language, please choose according to what you understand.

Choosing the Ubuntu Server Language

  • Next is to carry out the Ubuntu Server Install process, here friends can click Enter.

Install Ubuntu Server

  • Next is the language selection, here friends can choose Indonesian, or English according to what friends want. if wibu yes can be Japanese so you can understand :)

Select Language
  • After that next we will choose the location area where we live, here I choose Indonesia, for the method select Other -> Asia -> Indonesia.
Area Location Indonesia
  • Next, configure Locales, here we default to United States.
konfigurasi Locales
  • Then in the keyboard detection process, here I choose No, because we just choose manually, by default it is : American English yes
Select Keyboard
  • Here we choose English
English Keyboard
  • Keyboard configuration select English (US)
English Keyboard
  • Next process to install and configure the network
Additional Component
  • Network Configuration, here we select the primary network is the internet source.
  • In VirtualBox I use 2 interfaces, namely, bridge adapters, and host only adapters.
Configuration Primary Network
  • Next the system will perform auto-detection, to obtain a DHCP IP from the internet, or its internet source.
Detect IP DHCP

Detect IP DHCP
  • Configure the Network Hostname, here we just fill in Ubuntu.
Network Hostname
  • Configure User and Password, this will be used when logging into the ubuntu server.
Create New user
  • Next is to fill in the Account Username for the Ubuntu Server.
Username Account
  • The next configuration is to fill in the Password, here fill in the password that friends remember, don't forget the password later after finishing :)
Input Password Ubuntu Server
  • If so, next configure the time / clock. Choose according to the location you are visiting.
Time Location
  • The next stage is the partitioning process on the Ubuntu Server, here we will partition the Ubuntu Server automatically, namely by choosing recommendations from the system.
  • Basically, the minimum partitions are /root and /swap, but it is recommended that there is /home.
  • Because to make it easier, we will choose the Guided - Use Entire Disk, enter
Partition Ubuntu Server 20.04
  • Click Enter
Partition Ubuntu Server
  • At this point select yes. to allow write to disk
Partition Ubuntu Server Access
  • System Install Process
Install Sistem
  • Here for the package manager, because we don't have a proxy, just leave it blank, then choose continue.
Proxy Network
  • For the configuration regarding system updates, here I chose not to update automatically.
No Updates Otomatis
  • The next stage is software installation, here I install the openssh one because it will be used to remote Ubuntu using putty on Windows.
Software Selection
  • Proses Install Software
Select n Install Software
  • Install GRUB Boot loader on Harddisk.
Install Grub bootloader on harddisk
  • Next, the Ubuntu Server installation process is complete.
Finish Install Ubuntu Server
  • Here we try to log in using the account we created earlier. and there is some information, namely the ubuntu version, then system information on ubuntu.
Login Ubuntu Server

Video Tutorial to Install Ubuntu Server 20.04

The following is a video tutorial on my personal youtube channel, friends can see the following Ubuntu Server 20.04 Install tutorial.


Well friends, that's it for the Ubuntu Server Tutorial, which discusses How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 In VirtualBox. God willing, this Ubuntu Server Tutorial Series List will be updated again according to the article posted about the Ubuntu Server Tutorial. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for all of us.

That's all and thank you

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