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What is VirtualBox Guest Additions

Hello friends, welcome back to our Web Blog Virtualization is a very helpful thing in our daily lives, including if we want to create a virtual operating system. On this occasion we will share about the VirtualBox Tutorial for Beginners, which discusses the What is VirtualBox Guest Additions.

What is VirtualBox Guest Additions

Definition of VirtualBox Guest Additions

Table Of Contents

  • What is Virtualbox and Virtualization
  • Definition VirtualBox Guest Additions

1.What is VirtualBox and Virtualization

Oracle VM Virtualbox or VirtualBox is software or an application that is open source, which can be used to create a virtual machine, such as a Windows, Linux or Android mobile operating system, this is usually called or related to Virtualization.

Oracle VM VirtualBox is open source virtualization software, which can create, manage, and run multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously. Features include guest multiprocessing, USB device support, remote machine viewing, RDP authentication, and soft keyboard 


In VirtualBox there is the term Virtualization. What is meant by virtualization here is to create a virtual Personal Computer machine or operating system that can run side by side with the main operating system.

Advantages and Deficiency VirtualBox

Advantages VirtualBox

  • No need to Partition Hard Drive Directly
  • No need to worry if there is an error installing Linux, because it will not be affected by the main system
  • Can connect with multiple operating systems
  • Can try to simulate client and server using the host only adapter feature

Deficiency VirtualBox

  • Requires a large hard drive and RAM
  • Because using RAM and hard drives for virtualization can cause windows or our main system to reduce its performance. but if the PC specifications are enough then it doesn't matter.

2. Definition VirtualBox Guest Additions

In VirtualBox there are additional devices or drivers called VirtualBox Guest Additions, these additional drivers can be installed and supported on all operating systems, including Windows, Linux and others.

One of the functions of this Guest Additions is the Shared Clipboard, that is, we can easily copy and paste between the Original OS and the Virtual OS.

Features of VirtualBox Guest Additions 

The following are the features provided by Virtualbox Guest Additions

  • Mouse pointer integration
  • Shared folders
  • Better video support
  • Seamless windows
  • Generic host/guest communication channels
  • Time synchronization
  • Shared clipboard 
  • Automated logins

Support VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows

Virtualbox Guest Additions provides support for various operating systems, one of which is Windows, the following are the types of Windows that are supported by Virtualbox Guest Additions.

  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (any service pack)
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 (any service pack) 
  • Microsoft Windows XP (any service pack) 
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (any service pack)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (all editions)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (all editions)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (all editions)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 RTM build 10240
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 

Support VirtualBox Guest Additions on Linux

Virtualbox Guest Additions provides support for various operating systems, one of which is Linux, the following are the types of Linux that are supported by Virtualbox Guest Additions.

  • Oracle Linux as of version 5, including UEK kernels
  • Fedora as of Fedora Core 4
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux as of version 3
  • SUSE and openSUSE Linux as of version 9
  • Ubuntu as of version 5.10  

And several other OS are supported by Virtualbox Guest Additions.

Conclusion VirtualBox Guest Additions

The conclusion on the discussion of What is VirtualBox Guest Additions, namely VirtualBox Guest Additions is a driver that provides many features on the Virtual Operating System on VirtualBox. Among other things, the features shared folders, shared clipboard, mouse integration, increase the quality of graphics, drag n drop and many others.

Alright friends, that's enough for the Linux Learning Tutorial for Beginners, Understanding VirtualBox and How to Download Virtualbox. What is VirtualBox Guest Additions  I hope this tutorial is useful for all of us.  

That is all and thank you.

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